DroneX PRO – A brilliant drone!

Thinking about buying a drone and having cost-efficiency troubles? Not anymore! Nowadays, you have the possibility to buy a pocket drone with solid features. The engineers designed DroneX PRO  with the best options of durability, quality, price, functionality.

DroneX PRO is easy to fly, perfect for flying inside and record actions shots whilst on the move. With a foldable structure and a light wear design, DroneX PRO offers an outstanding experience.

Take advantage and order DroneX Pro today.  You will get 50% DISCOUNT and FREE shipping worldwide!

DroneX PRO –  a marvel of engeneering and design

The engineers of DroneX PRO were aware that the existing drones were too heavy, expensive. And more, the prices were too high for the offers and the experiences were limited.

So they decided to obtain a marvel of drone, in terms of design, costs, and functionality for unlimited exploration. DroneX offers flight performance, due to its high-tech and light wear design. There is no other drone on the market this compact, durable, portable and at his incredibly low price.

DroneX PRO – a knock out drone due to features and value of money

There is no other product on the market such as Dronex PRO. It has the best features (fast, small, controllable, portable, quality…). DroneX PRO has no competition when it comes about its functionality and to the value of money.

So what is DroneX PRO? It`s a foldable product, with a gravity sensor. DroneX PRO has an increased flying time (up to 12 minutes without any intervention needed). This drone allows you taking HD Photos and Videos(120 frames per second and up to 12 megapixels).

DroneX PRO offers you an amazing adventure, for you and your family and friends. Its Slo-mo Mode feature will give you high-definition memories, in slow motion. With its Panorama Mode, DroneX PRO captures 360 degrees photos from the air in just a click of a button.


DroneX PRO is small, but it lets the go further – up to 2km and faster – up to 12 meters per second.

  1. EASY CONTROL no matter the experience with drones

Even if has pro features, DroneX PRO its suitable for the beginners and also for advanced users.

  1. Incredible SELFIES, high-definition VIDEOS with just a click of a button

DroneX PRO has pre-programmed camera shoots, so everyone can enjoy a great footage experience. In just a click of a button, if you obtain incredible angles, cool selfies, special effects (boomerang, asteroid shots).

DroneX PRO – a 5 stars experience at an incredible price

DroneX PRO is easy to use, it`s ready to use in less than 10 seconds. Just scan the QR code in the manual, plug the battery, connect your phone and start the app.

The price of DroneX PRO is $99 (139 AUD) if you buy it online, on the official website and $199.97 in shops. So, just take advantage of the online deal is 50 %. You will enjoy DroneX PRO, compatible to your phone (Android & IOS).

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