Siren Song

Self Preservation

Minimal Easy To Use

Siren Song is another personal alarm innovation that spotlights on sound to keep you and your adored one’s sheltered at unequaled!

The Siren Song personal alarm spared Jennifer Dellert from getting assaulted on her way to her auto in a shopping center parking area.

It was only an ordinary day at the shopping center for Jennifer Dellert… until the point that everything turned out badly.

She had quite recently left the shopping center conveying her shopping packs, and was strolling to her auto when the inconceivable happened.

“I wasn’t stopped too far away, and was occupied on my telephone messaging my little girl.

“It was around a 60 second walk or so to my auto from the shopping center,” she recollects, “and I sort of had that inclination I was being viewed.”

Perfectly fine was opening her auto, a man rapidly came up behind her and attempted to get her.

“He let me know ‘don’t battle, you’re accompanying me!’ as he attempted to wrestle me towards his auto! I was in stun.”

“Fortunately for me I recollected that I had my Siren Song alarm on my handbag, and since I was excessively frightened, making it impossible to shout for help, I immediately gone after the alarm and pulled the stick.”

“Quickly my Siren Song alarm began simply shouting. I mean it was REALLY SCREAMING. He didn’t realize what to do! He solidified for a moment, at that point fled like a bat out of hellfire!”

“Individuals heard the alarm and began shouting and running once again to offer assistance. They said it was the Siren Song that stood out enough to be noticed.”

After her assault, Jennifer purchased the Siren Song for her children to put on their rucksacks.

“After the assault, I promptly purchased 4 more Siren Songs for my youngsters and my sister. Presently every one of my children convey them on their rucksacks to remain safe.”

With Over 30,000 Already Sold, The Siren Song Is Starting To Go Viral On Social Media

Roused by the Military, the Siren Song utilizes ear penetrating sound so deflect terrible folks and is rapidly getting to be noticeably a standout amongst the most looked for after wellbeing gadgets in America.

It will in all probability be on each child’s keychains or knapsacks before the year’s over.

Gigantic requests are rolling in from guardians all around. Over that, Siren Song simply reported an incredible half rebate on their Tactical Keychain for new clients (counting the overall population), while supplies last.

What is Siren Song?

The Siren Song is a personal self protection siren that keeps ladies, and kids safe at untouched. Once the Siren Song is initiated, it can be gotten notification from a far separation. The imaginative innovation in Siren Song is made to discourage an aggressor, and caution for help adjacent when you’re in a bad position.

Progressive Designed and Amplifies Sound

130 Decibel Alarm

Reduced Keychain To Have At All Times.

Simple On/Off Button

Siren Song

The correct approach to ensure yourself, and your friends and family from hurt.

Actuating the Siren Song Personal Alarm

The Siren Song personal alarm is extraordinarily simple to initiate when you require it most. To sound the alarm, you will pull the stick in the gadget.

Once pulled, you will hear a staggeringly boisterous commotion to deflect gatecrashers or assailants.

This gadget does not ready experts in case of a wrongdoing. It is intended to be utilized simply as a terrify strategy for potential lawbreakers.

When you set off the alarm, in the event that you require crisis help from the police or the healing facility, you should decide yourself. Fortunately, the discharged commotion is loud to the point that any bystanders ought to have the capacity to help also.

Valuing Options for the Siren Song Personal Alarm

When you choose to make this item a piece of your keychain, your cost will rely upon what number of you arrange without a moment’s delay.


Buy one alarm, with one reward alarm: $39.95

Buy two alarms, with one reward alarm: $49.95

Buy three alarms, with two extra alarms: $59.95

Buy four alarms, with two extra alarms: $69.95

Buy five alarms, with three extra alarms: $79.95

Many individuals arrange in mass as a result of two reasons. The principal worry of mass request is that you can get a more prominent markdown by requesting a greater amount of the item without a moment’s delay.

In any case, the other reason you might need to arrange more is because of worries for other ladies you realize that need to remain safe.

On the off chance that you arrange a bigger amount, you can hand these keychains to your lady friends, colleagues, and relatives that need some additional security on their side.

Since you should make such a noteworthy venture to utilize this personal alarm, your buy is secured by a 30-day ensure.

In the event that you are disappointed with the Siren Song gadget, you can return it inside a month for a total discount.

Reaching the Creators of the Siren Song Personal Alarm

Since the site doesn’t offer much data about the Siren Song alarm, you may end up with a plenty of inquiries that you might want answers to.

On the off chance that you have to talk with an agent from the organization, you can decide to either call or email the client benefit division.

To talk with somebody by means of telephone, you can call 1-844-748-4010 to achieve the organization. Nonetheless, there are no hours of operation recorded, so you may need to email your inquiry.

To present your request electronically, you can email the organization at [email protected]

Siren Song Personal Alarm Review Summary

As expressed over, the Siren Song alarm can’t advise the specialists when you require help. In any case, because of the volume of the ready that this gadget discharges, other individuals in the region ought to have the capacity to hear it so they can call for help too.

You don’t need to be frightful of your walk home or that your tyke will be in threat, on the off chance that you utilize this alarm to guarantee the aggressor is the one with all the dread.

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