Tactic Light X TL360 – Tactical Torch Won’t Leave You AT NIGHT

When you leave for an experience? What do you imagine? Angling, camping, or trekking? Well, it might be very hard to do these activities without light. So, TL360 Torch is the perfect partner for the next experience. Because, sometimes the view is simply as great as the trip. And, you’ll need a shiny torch to help you view it. The TL360 was created with armed service light technology in a concise travel case. So, it’s intended to endure your most outdoorsy activities. Order your 200x focus TL360 Torch while materials last!

The Tactic Light X TL360 Torch is manufactured with aircraft grade aluminum casing with a waterproof coating. So, you won’t have to be concerned about shedding it in a muddy puddle using one of your extreme hikes. And, you won’t have to get worried about transporting around batteries. Because, TL360 is manufactured with a 100,000 hour life-span. Also, you could have control over the type of light projection. Now, there are five settings which range from high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. So, there’s a light for each occasion, even crisis situations. But, products won’t last long. Click on the button below to really get your Tactic Light X TL360 Torch today!

Order Tactic Light X TL360 HERE!


So, what units the Tactic Light X TL360 Flashlight aside from others? And, why should you get TL360 before items go out? Well, TL360 Flashlights are created completely in a different way than the common torch. Now, you may bring the brightest light along all of your journeys. And, it’s made out of aircraft grade aluminium and armed forces light technology. Most flashlights are created with cheap plastic material and rely on plenty of batteries. But, TL360 consists of 100,000 hours of LED light . So, you won’t have to be concerned about dropping your sight between your trip. And, you won’t have to waste materials space packaging extra batteries. Now, you could have long range light to get rid of any trial you arranged on. But, limited to a restricted time. Because, materials of the TL360 won’t last long!

100,000 Hours Of LED Light: Now, you don’t have to get worried about operating out of batteries! Get more and longer-lasting light with the TL360 Tactical Torch.

Small Travel Case: Now, you may bring along your torch in an useful case. So, it’s ideal for touring and camping!
Aircraft Aluminum Casing: Forget about cheap, plastic material flashlights. Now, you can get the TL360 Torch that is perfect for intense adventures.
Focus 1-200x For Long Range Light: Often, average flashlights just don’t get the job done. Because, their light doesn’t reach very much. But, TL360 Flashlights can move up to 200x the common flashlight!


– Shock resistant

– range : 1000 Meter

– white (Xenon like) light, with 3800 Lumen

– Different light intensities, by sliding the focus function

– stroboscopic function

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