At a certain point in life, almost everyone owned a flashlight. But almost all the time, the batteries were off, or it got broken, or something happened. So, even it was a necessity having one, it wasn`t a pleasure investing in it. It seemed like a bad investment.

Starting now, not anymore! Today, if you need a tactical flashlight for the delicate situations in your life, TC1200 PRO is the answer. It offers you support when you are alone in the night, or if you work in night shifts. TC1200 PRO is a cost-effective Tactical Flashlight, that helps you fight your fears or helps you when experiencing a breakdown, or a power outage.

For its brightness, reliability, durability, price, TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight it`s the best choice on this market. Your expectations are accomplished, your life is easier and safer.


When taking pictures, you are sometimes blinded by the flash. You could think that nothing could make you lose your eyesight for a definite time as the flash of a camera photo. But you are so wrong! With its brightness of 1200 lumens, TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight can blind anyone.

Being 200 times more powerful than a flash, TC1200 PRO has no competition (example – Maglite TM 600 lumens). This tactical flashlight can be used if you fear the dark, for self-defense and doing your job. The animals, the attackers won`t have a chance, will be blinded by its power.

Nowadays, you can enjoy camping, fishing and exploring in the night due to TC1200 PRO. You will also be protected, you will gain time in form of any kind of attacker (animal, human…). 1TAC Tactical Flashlight gives you the feeling that you have everything under control.

Never easier to take care of you and your family. Buying today TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight for 75-90% off their regular cost it`s a real deal! FREE Shipping it`s a bonus!

Think about purchasing TC 1200 PRO as a strategic decision (safety, control, cost, features…).


For a tactical flashlight, TC1200 PRO combines with success the elegance with the specifications. You will feel like a 007 Secret Agent. It’s a waterproof product (IP 65 Standard), zoom-in-out, slip-resistant. It has a CREED LED technology, has a heat protection and it`s very performant.

You can use TC1200 PRO on what mode you prefer: high, medium, low, SOS or Strobe. This tactical flashlight has 3 AAA batteries or 1 LI-ON Rechargeable, so you will not feel insecure in the dark. The charging time (100k Lamp Life hours) and its brightness respond efficiently to your needs.

On Holidays, you get a 10% discount when buying TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight! 

With TC1200 PRO, we support charitable causes. Helping the ones in need and respecting the environment are two of our main objectives.


The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight it`s addressed to all the population. You can use it as a child if you are home alone and you want to feel secure. You can use it at home, or when you are enjoying your hobbies (hunting, fishing, camping, walking, jogging…).

The professionals also use TC1200 PRO at work (Security Guard, Armed Forces, members of the Roadside Safety or the Military).


“I was fishing one night with my friend Jerry. At about 3 am we heard a noise, someone or something was moving in the dark. We were scared, but I felt in control because I had with me the TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight. Due to its brightness, I could see in the night that it was a bear staring at us. The animal was blinded by the flashlight and we gained time to run and to call the emergencies number. We got home safe”. Mike, 28 years old

“I was alone the past Saturday, my parents left at a wedding. When sleeping, I heard a noise in the next room. So, I didn`t know what to do. Watch what it`s happening, stay in bed? My heartbeat was… crazy. I decided to use TC1200 Tactical Flashlight and I saw that in fact, it was a teddy bear that falls on the floor and, when falling, has touched some objects on the furniture that also fall. This tactical flashlight gave me confidence and helped me see that I had nothing to fear”. Amanda, 10 years old


Just buy now TC1200 PRO, you won`t regret it. It`s easy and secure. Enter the official website, choose the suitable package, fill the form with your details. And purchase the product, by entering the payment information.

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