TC1200 Tactical Flashlights – with Real CREE XM-L2 LED

Here you will discover information on the 1TAC TC1200, the latest tactical, 10 Watt, high power flashlight from the state-of-the-art brand in tactical lighting technology. The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight includes a solid-state, US made Cree XM-L2 LED technology that produces 20 percent more maximum result than the typical XML T6. With up to 1200 lumens of blinding white light concentrated with a parabolic reflector into a versatile beam with significant reach and sufficient encompass light for keeping good situational consciousness, it is very important in virtually any situation. Our CREE LED flashlights are respected by armed service, firemen, hunters, outdoor fanatics and cops worldwide as it’s one of the Brightest Tactical

Flashlights on the market that’s on the marketplace!

The TC1200 Tactical Flashlight can be an incredible all-around LED flashlight for each household and vehicle. Aircraft quality Anodized aluminum building and O-ring seals mean this light is difficult and reliable. An IP65 waterproofing standard protects this light against drinking water, while its durable materials drive back drops, impacts, scrapes, and corrosion.

The blinding strobe and lightly crenellated bezel provide choices for self defense, causeing this to be a great companion for walking home during the night, or a good choice for a back-up light for police or security personnel.

The recessed tail change can be operated with one hand, causeing this to be an ideal torch for from walking your pet, to performing a tactical sweep of the building. Multiple result modes provide you with the shiny outputs necessary for outdoor scenery as well as lower configurations that can save you from blinding yourself in nearer quarters.

By merging the rugged sturdiness and leading edge design it creates the TC1200 Torch a truly first class, well-rounded torch. At 5 ins long, 1TAC has made this the perfect size for a backpack, glove area, or power drawer.

Product Sizes – 5.09 in x 1.90
Product Weight – 5.6 oz (excluding batteries)
LED Emitter – CREE XM-L2 (Manufactured in the united states)
Maximum Lumens – 1200
Light Life – 100,000 Hours
Building – Aircraft Quality Aluminum
Flashlight Settings – 5 Modes
Power Source – 3 (AAA) or Lithium Battery
* Batteries not included

The TC1200 flashlight includes a tactical kit of:

1 AAA Electric battery Holder
1 TC1200 Holster (secure and steady storage space on your belt loop)
1 Rechargeable Battery
1 Wall structure Charger
1 Car Charger
1 Tactical CASE

The merchandise is rumored never to be sold anywhere or by some other retailer apart from online.

This is a simple price break down of the expected cost associated with buying a TC1200 tactical flashlight from 1Tac (includes free delivery on all purchases).

1 TC1200 Torch ($56.00 per unit) = $56.00
2 TC1200 Flashlights ($50.99 per unit) = $101.98
3 TC1200 Flashlights ($39.99 per unit) = $119.97
5 TC1200 Flashlights ($36.99 per unit) = $184.95
10 TC1200 Flashlights ($44.99 per unit) = $449.90

Considering the web page had the initial cost being $224 per TC1200, it looks like a heck of an offer to obtain it of them costing only $56 for the sole one. The 1Tac Tactical Outfitters company also provides you the versatility to buy update kits that are usually $116 each but appear to be:

1 TC1200 Package Improvements (+$28.99 per unit) = $28.99
2 TC1200 Package Enhancements (+$26.99 per unit) = $53.98
3 TC1200 Package Updates (+$20.99 per unit) = $62.97

Furthermore, it appears there’s a hidden option after deciding the very first two options of adding on the new TC800 mini tactical torch (4 inches in comparison to 5/6?) as an added bonus. This is actually the discount prices break down for those (originally coming in at $99.96 each):

1 TC800 Mini Flashlight ($24.99 per unit) = $24.99
2 TC800 Mini Flashlights ($22.99 per unit) = $45.98
3 TC800 Mini Flashlights ($17.99 per unit) = $53.97
5 TC800 Mini Flashlights ($16.99 per unit) = $84.95
10 TC800 Mini Flashlights ($19.99 per unit) = $199.90

The state 1TAC tactical flashlight company lists the next address and email for support.

The 1TAC company is situated at 814 S. Westgate Collection 105, LA, CA 90049 and their contact number for customer support collection can be reached by phoning 877-616-3515. You can even reach them by email at [email protected]

Where to buy?

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