Brain Plus IQ – Performance might not be a major accident

In today’s knowledge society mental performance is an integral to success. Insufficient focus and attention are irritating not only at the job or university or college, but also in private life. The old we get, the greater can be experienced the impact of declining brain power. Women and men over 25 years are especially affected. […]


4 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Probably the most complex organ of the body is the mind. It is composed of a billion nerve cells and neurons, each which is from the 1000 to 10,000. These contacts are called synapses and are used for communication between brain cells. The mind must operate a continuing […]

Brain Plus IQ Review

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) The Problem: A great many people begin to see loss of “brain control” or “intellectual execution” as right on time as 30 years old. On the off chance that you are experiencing psychological decrease you may see manifestations, for example, – Memory Loss – Difficulty Concentrating – Extremely […]