What’s Soleil Glo?

Soleil Glo can be an at-home teeth whitening system that guarantees to offer results much like a dentist. Rather than struggling silently with yellowish tooth or paying the high costs of the dental care visit, you pays a portion of the price to whiten your tooth at home.

Of course, they are the same claims created by almost every other teeth whitening system available today. Just what exactly makes Soleil Glo different?

First, Soleil Glo is open to order specifically online through SoleilGlo.com, in which a flashy online web page explains why your tooth are yellow and exactly how Soleil Glo can fix that problem.


Soleil Glo will come in the proper execution of 3 main components, including:

-Tooth Tray: Silicone duplex tray that’s smooth and flexible to match over your tooth.

-Extreme Whitening Gel: You add this gel to one’s teeth tray to provide whitening results “in record time”.

-UV Accelerator: Soleil Glo runs on the “innovative UV accelerator” that activates the ingredients within the Extreme Whitening Gel, helping them go to work better and go longer.

Essentially, Soleil Glo functions by putting gel in one’s teeth tray, and then putting one’s teeth tray over your teeth. Then, you place the UV accelerator over leading of the mouth area and transform it on. The light from the UV accelerator penetrates the clear plastic material tooth tray, forcing the gel to “activate”, improving its effectiveness.

This might appear to be an area age system – but it’s actually a common technology in the at-home teeth whitening industry. You’ll find similar tooth whitening packages on Amazon.

Essentially, these gels all work by bleaching your teeth. They’re a controversial tooth whitening solution, because the majority of them don’t work. Actually, relating to a dental professional interviewed by InStyle, the gels need to include a “photocatalyst” ingredient like ferrous gluconate (within professional oral treatments), zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide. Without those elements, the gel “will nothing at all”. It’s unclear if Soleil Glo consists of these photocatalyst substances, as the elements list is not published online.

That dental professional also explained that the gels typically contain peroxide, although there’s no evidence to claim that UV light helps the peroxide work quicker. Instead, she suggests using devices with LED blue lamps – not UV lighting.

Eventually, there’s some evidence that UV lights can increase one’s teeth whitening process, but only once used in combination with gels which contain photocatalysts.

The manufacturers of Soleil Glo never list any studies, clinical tests, or other information helping the claims created by the manufacturer.

Who Makes Soleil Glo?

Soleil Glo is manufactured by an Australian company named BellaVei. You are able to contact the business at +61-(0)2 8036 3151 during normal Australian business hours (9:00 to 17:00 CET).

The business lists its return address as Singapore at the next address:

Returns Department
PO Package 1201
Singapore, 918118, SG

Apart from this basic contact information, we realize hardly any about BellaVei. The company’s recognized website, BellaVei.com, offers skin lotions and cosmetics at premium prices. Exactly like Soleil Glo, these pores and skin creams guarantee professional-looking results with at-home prices.

Soleil Glo Pricing

Soleil Glo, like many products sold online, has a deceptive prices policy. The web page for Soleil Glo has a large price that says “only $32.95”. In the event that you read the small print, however, you’ll learn that the purchase price is per item. Considering there are 5 items in the package, that makes an enormous difference in the ultimate pricing.

Soleil Glo also posseses an additional “international charge” of 15% for purchases beyond Australia.

Regardless, here’s the full total price for the Soleil Glo kit:

-5 Piece Soleil Glo Kit: $164.75 AUD

That package includes 1 teeth tray collection, 3 gel pipes, and 1 UV accelerator. Shipping and delivery is roofed in the purchase price when purchasing any place in Australia.

IMPORTANT THING: Will SoleilGLO Whiten And a Dentist’s Treatment?

Generally, peroxide-based whitening packages are most common, as the 20% to 35% carbamide peroxide within their solutions has repeatedly been proven to provide solid whitening results your money can buy.

Actually, hydrogen peroxide solutions (albeit at higher concentrations) are what’s typically utilized by dentists, which can deliver better whitening leads to less time than something performed at home. That is why your dental practitioner will need great treatment to avoid getting the solution on your gums.

With all this, if you’re anticipating SoleilGLO to execute as well-or as quickly-as a whitening procedure at the dentist’s office, you may finish up disappointed.

Another concern is that peroxide can reach under the top of teeth enamel and lift away deeper stains, while it’s unclear if the sodium chlorite within SoleilGLO can do the same.

Will SoleilGLO’s UV Accelerator provided any benefits? While these lamps might be utilized in professional configurations to speed drying out time, regarding to expert websites, there’s little medical evidence displaying that they’ll provide meaningfully better whitening results.

And since at-home lighting, like the main one contained in SoleilGLO, are much less powerful than in-office models, it appears even not as likely that it’ll increase your whitening.

In the long run, if you’re taking a look at a whitening system like SoleilGLO, you almost certainly experienced teeth sensitivity before. However, until we realize exactly what focus of sodium chlorite it includes, there’s no chance to learn if SoleilGLO will help you steer clear of the same.

However, we can let you know that, at approximately $130, SoleilGLO is one of the very most expensive teeth whitening systems we’ve examined to day. And predicated on its substances formulation, it remains unclear if it’ll deliver more value your money can buy.

Do you whiten your teeth with a SoleilGLO system? Achieved it produce results? Achieved it cause any tooth sensitivity? Reveal about it by writing an assessment!

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